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Urodynamic Testing

This testing enables us to identify the mechanisms behind your urinary problems or to make an assessment prior to prolapse treatment.

It may be used alongside your medical history and the clinical examination. A urine culture will be done beforehand to rule out a urine infection.

The testing is carried out in either a seated or standing position. You will need to undress from the waist down and we will offer you a hospital gown to ensure you are comfortable. The testing usually involves three different parts:

  1. Uroflowmetry, in which we record the way you urinate.
    This takes place in the privacy of the restroom.
  2. Cystometry, which involves filling the bladder, investigating the sensation of needing to urinate, and the reaction of your bladder when it is being filled. Two small catheters are carefully inserted into the bladder and the vagina.
  3. Urethral pressure profilometry, which involves measuring the urethral sphincter.

This test takes around one hour. You may feel a slight burning sensation when you first urinate after this procedure.

Urodynamic testing can be worrying or unpleasant, so at Urofemme we strive to make it as respectful and comfortable as possible for the patient.


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